mousesportsはESL Pro League Season 11 Europeでは準優勝を獲得したものの、ESL One Road to Rioでは13-14位、DreamHack Masters Spring 2020では0勝3敗で最下位と直近の大会成績は低迷傾向となっています。


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私はIEM Katowice 2020の大会後、一生懸命プレイし、特に過去1~2ヵ月は2週間で150時間以上練習をしていると思います。デモを見て、新しい戦術を考え、個人スキルの上昇、公式戦以外でチームで激しい練習などを行ってきました。

しかし、最近の私はいつもの自分のようではなく、予想外な小さなミスが多すぎます。DreamHack Masters Spring 2020での最後の試合で敗退し最下位となった時は、私は気を散らすため、休養を取り、長い散歩に出て、屋外スパへ行きました。


Not gonna lie, since corona started I have had a hard time finding a good way to reset mentally. Normally we go to tournaments, come home and reset different ways and start grinding for the next tournament slowly. I have worked my ass off since Katowice and lately especially last 1-2 months I had above 150 hours pr. 2 weeks, with watching demoes, inventing new playbook, playing individually and hard practice with the team besides official games. Lately when I play, I see not my usual self and do way too many small unfocused mistakes. Since our last game in Dreamhack I decided to go straight to vacation, without any distractions and go for long walks and enjoy outdoor spa. I realize how important this is normally for me and tomorrow I drive home and will try to maintain a more balanced work schedule so I don’t end up in the same situation. Thank you for your guys support during this hard time with bad results, I know we are coming back stronger again the coming weeks. ❤️
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